Shadow Hearts The New World

Shadow Hearts The New World

Format: PS2
Publisher: Ghostlight
Genre: Adventure
SRP: £9.99
Itemcode: P2OEADGHO00997
EAN: 5036675009975
Street Date: 23/04/2007
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Set in 1930's America, just after the era of The Great Depression, 'Shadow Hearts: From the new world' follows our young hero - Johnny Garland.
After losing his father, younger sister and part of his memory in an accident, Johnny heads off to New York to form his own detective agency. Johnny takes his first case, by accepting a request from a mysterious man to find and apprehend a criminal suspect who has escaped custody.

As Johnny approaches the escapee, an illusional-like creature, appears from a 'window' of green light and swallows him. Johnny sets off in haste to track down the apparition and without realising it& finds himself at the start of an incredible adventure.

Taking a central role is Johnny's female-counterpart, Shania a 21yr Native American. A bounty hunter by trade and gifted with spiritual powers, Shania senses a strange energy from Johnny, and decides to accompany him on his quest.

The third instalment of this truly exciting RPG series offers a totally fresh storyline and includes a newly improved battle system, a whole host of new and bizarre characters, breath-taking CG cut-scenes and a myriad of side quests and mini games to explore. Shadow Hearts: From The New World looks certain to be the most successful episode yet!


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