PlayStation Plus Card 365 Day Subscription

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Day Subscription

Format: Accessories (not machine specific)
Publisher: Sony
Genre: General Accessory
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Street Date: 01/01/2016
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PlayStation®Plus, is a subscription service package on PlayStation®Network allowing consumers to expand and enhance their gaming experience and enabling them to gain an exclusive set of features and content.
PlayStation Plus will be available in different subscription options on the 29th June, worldwide.
Features of PlayStation®Plus include:

  • A full game trial, where titles on offer will be available for download from the PlayStation Store for a stated period and change every month.  Members will be able to play the full version of the game for a designated period and after the trial period, users can continue playing by purchasing the game online.
  • Games will become available exclusively for PlayStation Plus members at no extra cost.
  • Special Content such as avatars and custom themes many of which are exclusive will become available for PlayStation Plus members at no extra cost.
  • Members will have early access to designated titles and discounts will be available.
  • Automatic content downloads and updates designated game demos. The PS3 will automatically start up at a designated time to download content and will turn off after the download has completed
    Since its launch in November 2006, PlayStation Network continues to gain strong support from users around the world.   Offering a broad range of online content and services, PlayStation Plus will further enrich the PlayStation Network gaming experience.

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