Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces

Format: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Arcade
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Street Date: 22/06/2018
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A brand-new Mario Tennis game is bringing a new level of skill and competition to Nintendo Switch: Mario Tennis Aces.


Mario steps onto the court in classy tennis garb for intense rallies against a variety of characters in full-blown tennis battles. There are more than 15 playable characters, each with their own distinct characteristics.


New wrinkles in tennis gameplay will challenge your ability to read an opponent’s position and stroke to determine which shot will give you the advantage. The game offers a refined approach to tennis gameplay, focusing on deep strategic payoffs, and non-stop, split-second strategies. And this time the game adds the first story mode since the Mario Tennis: Power Tour game on Game Boy Advance, offering a new flavour of tennis gameplay, with a variety of missions, boss battles and more.


The varied play styles of the Nintendo Switch system allow up to four players to step onto the court together - anytime, anywhere.


Once you connect online, you can play a match with your friends or other players. Events and online tournaments will be held frequently, allowing you to compete against other players.


There’s also Swing mode, which allows you to use your Joy-Con like a tennis racket. This mode is perfect when you want to play the game casually with your friends and family, or just to get your body moving.



  • Story Mode is back with a variety of twists on classic tennis play, including minigames, bosses and RPG elements.
  • 20+ Playable characters and the possibility to play single or doubles matches.
  • Swing Mode is a more accessible mode, played with motion controls and the CPU takes over moving the character around the court.
  • Mario Tennis Aces can be played online, local and LAN multiplayer, all customisable in a variety of ways.
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch only.

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