Format: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Activision Blizzard
Genre: First Person Shooter
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EAN: 5030917288012
Street Date: 15/10/2019
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The fight for the future arrives on Nintendo Switch! Play Blizzard entertainment's acclaimed team-based shooter at home or on the go* with Overwatch Legendary Edition, Which comes complete with all the latest heroes, maps, and game updates - along with a new Switch - exclusive control option that takes advantage of the console's unique capabilities. 

Overwatch features 31 unique heroes, each bringing their own incredible powers and game-changing ultimate abilities into battle on objective-based maps set across the world. Players can switch heroes mid-match to adapt to the ever-changing situation on the field- but victory will best be achieved when heroes combine their powers and act as a unified team. 

Game Features 

  • Play 31 Heroes
  • Battle across the world with your friends
  • Team up and compete in 6v6 game modes 
  • Discover new ways to play
  • Take Control
  • Begin Your Watch

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